North Cyprus Renting Car

The most important rule to know about is one about traffic. Traffic flows on the left side, opposite to most other European countries, Northen Cyprus traffic flows from the left lane.

When hiring a car in North Cyprus, it is very easy if coming from the UK as teh driving rules and regulations are just the same. If you are coming from other countries where traffic flows from right lane, we advise you rent automatic transmission rental cars. It will be much easier to adapt to the traffic

All rental cars in Northen Cyprus are right. The reason for this is because traffic flows from the left lane.
If you need to overtake the cars parked or travelling in front of you, you need to pass them from their right side.
When approaching the roundabout the priority is with the ones that are coming from the right side. When you try to reach the main road do not forget to check both left and right sides.
TRNC Rental vehicles can only be driven by drivers whose names are on the “car rental agreement”. Otherwise they will not be covered by the insuarance.
While driving, talking with the mobile phone is prohibited
In North Cyprus it is compulsory to wear seatbelts while driving.
In particular carriage ways within the city, “double yellow line” means parking prohibited

In specific points throughout the Northern Cyprus “Fixed speed cameras video” are available. These cameras are generally setlled at 50km, 65 km in these cities. Double-laned roads between cities, the speed limit for vehicles are between 80-100km. If the driver exceeds the speed limit, cameras will captire a photo. These traffic penalties can be proved by these photos in case of unacceptance.

Please remember that alcohol limit is zero “0” in Northen Cyprus rental cars.

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