Top Tips For Driving On The Left

Driving culture in Cyprus is quite flexible and laid-back, not aggressive at all. The greatest challenge for most of the visitors is driving on the left side, and having the steering wheel accordingly on the right side of the car. It takes some time to get used to it, and to understand the dimensions of the car when viewing things from the “wrong” side. But when driving with care and following the traffic, you should be just fine.

The main roads in Cyprus are mostly in very good condition, but the small roads especially in North Cyprus can be poor, so always drive carefully and avooid speeding especially in coastal and mountainous roads where roads can be slippery and curves too steep at times. In Greek side the bigger cities are connected with multi-lane motorways, so getting from one place to another is very quick. In addition there is a wide network of main roads connecting cities, towns and villages. The roads up in the mountains can be really winding and quite narrow, and especially after rains there can be landslides and as a result of them some loose rocks on the roads, so as always, be alert when driving on the mountains.

When driving in Cyprus, you’ll see different types of registration plates. Rental cars are easy to recognize, since they have red plates. Otherwise, in Greek Cyprus side the cars registered in 2014 or later have white EU plates in front and rear sides. Older plates, both EU and Cyprus plates are white in front side but yellow in rear.

Get an Automatic Transmission
Take It Easy
Get to Know the Car
Be Careful at the Beginning of Each Day
Allow Extra Time.
Don’t Distract Yourself
Put Your Copilot to Work
Beware the Roundabout
Be Careful About Pedestrians
Make Stop Signs and Red Lights Your Friend
Use Caution with Mirrors
Be Extra Careful When Crossing Borders
Accept That You’ll Make Mistakes
Buy the Insurance
Let Someone Else Drive at First

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