North Cyprus Cheap Cars

Rental prices in at A One North Cyprus Rent a Car are surprisingly low, even through the big Atlikaya Hotel. In Comparison we have one of the cheapest vehicles available across the whole island. We rent away small vehicles such as the Nissan March and Ford Fiesta for rates as low as 17GBP per day. Medium sized cars are reasonably priced too, just barely surpassing the small vehicle rate. Probably the easiest option for most of the visitors is to rent a car straight from the airport. We rent ours from Larnaka (Larnaca) airport and also Ecran Airport or anywhere you would like from villas, hotels. All these services come with extremely reasonable prices.

Special offers are offered to customers renting one of our vehicles for any number of days that exceeds our fixed threshold. We have also made sure that every vehicle in our fleet of 19 different car models is fuel efficient and saves our customers valuable moeney when travelling across the island. Besides offering the lowest prices A One North cyprus Rent A Car has large car rental fleets allow you to see the all beauty of North Cyprus with maximum quality and 24 hour road assistance no matter where you are. Now we have almost 180 cars. 170 of our cars have air conditioning. 90 of cars have automatic transmission and the rest have manual transmission. Moreover, we have every type and class of cars in our fleet. Including family cars, standard cars, mini cars, four wheels and 7 seaters. A One North Cyprus Rent A Car has two offices in North Cyprus. One is inside of Altınkaya Resort Hotel and our main office is just opposite of the hotel. We have 5 employees and we provide 24 hours full emergency service and rezervation.

There is no question that we offer the best rates and service across the mediterranean region, choosing us is the right choice

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